GSE 09-22 eir Retail Contactless Payments


The CWU has been actively engaged in discussions with eir management seeking the return of contactless payments in the retail stores. We are pleased to announce the re-introduction of contactless payments will be rolled out across all retail stores.

This issue was raised by our members through the recent survey conducted by CWU Branches. There was an overwhelming consensus on the question of contactless payments with 93% of respondents stating that they would like to see a return of the system. Many workers reported that the loss of contactless payments was having a negative impact on their sales and commission.

This positive outcome is a result of CWU members engaging with the survey to effect positive changes in their workplace. Your union will continue to engage with eir management on members’ feedback from the survey on other issues.

Over the last few months, union membership in retail shops has increased significantly. The power of a union comes from the involvement of the members, so it is vital that every retail worker is a union member. Membership forms are available upon request from your local branch or by contacting Union contributions are 1% of your basic pay (excluding commission) and information on additional membership benefits is available on our website  .

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