Respect At Work

Respect at Work is a civil society campaign to improve workers’ rights in Ireland. We are tired of big business setting the rules that we have to follow. It’s time to demand better. We want you to join us. Join our campaign for respect at work and win better rights to join and organise a trade union in your workplace.

Our Demands

Through new legislation, we aim to:

The Right to Protection

No one should be punished for organising for better pay and conditions at work.

We want employee representatives protected in law when they stand up for themselves or their colleagues – and an end to victimisation.

The Right to Access a Trade Union

Everyone should be able to access information about their rights at work through a trade union.

Ignorance isn’t bliss – and employers shouldn’t be able to keep you in the dark about your entitlements or how to organise for better.

The Right to Discussion

Everyone should have the right to discuss their terms and conditions with their colleagues.

Too many employers are trying to ban these discussions through draconian contracts – it’s time to end these gag clauses.

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