Great News! An Post Pension Increases

Further to previous correspondence, I am pleased to confirm that An Post has today received Ministerial approval to pay the agreed increases to Pensioners. This is most welcome for our retired colleagues who have endured an unnecessary delay in receiving the payments secured by the Union.

I am satisfied the delay in getting approval from the Department is not attributable to the company, and they have confirmed they will start processing the increases with the first payment of 5% and accompanying arrears to be paid at the end of September.

However, I am equally satisfied that the prolonged process the Government has in place would not have concluded without the campaign by the Union to have the Ministers end the delay. In this regard I wish to sincerely acknowledge the efforts of our representatives, Worker Directors, ICTU and our retired members.

While the focus has been to have the agreed payments made, the Union will continue its work to have an accelerated process and timeframe for future payments.

Please bring this to the attention of all members, most particularly retired members.

Attachment GSP 14-23