Pay Ballot Newsletter

Dear Colleague

I enclose for your consideration a copy of a Pay proposal reflecting the outcome of direct discussion with An Post, together with a ballot paper and return envelope. Having carefully examined the proposal the National Executive Council (NEC) is unanimously recommending acceptance to you.

In recommending acceptance, the NEC recognises the significant inflationary pressures our members face, but is also aware of the financial challenges faced by An Post as another year of Covid and falling letter mail volumes, will likely make for tough results later this year.

If accepted, within twelve months members will be in receipt of a 5% increase in pay.  

  • A 2.5% pay increase effective 1st January 2022
  • A 2.5% pay increase effective 1st January 2023

Pensionable pay, as per the Pension Accord agreement, will increase by 2% this year, with a further 2% increase most likely to materialise in 2023. This can provide a 4% increase in pensionable pay for members and retired colleagues.

As has applied in previous agreements the Union will continue to co-operate with normal ongoing change, together with the change programmes and associated timelines necessary to transform the company business. The resultant staff impact will be addressed directly with the CWU in accordance with agreed procedures. Savings associated with the Company Transformational changes, will be verified by the Monitoring Group and shared in the same manner as outlined by the Labour Court in LCR21563. i.e. 50:50 basis.  Successful implementation can deliver further improvements in pay and conditions for our members.

The Company and Union are committed to finalise the Pension Review and Managers Grading Structure/Pay model within three months of acceptance of the proposal.

We have agreed there will be no new cost-increasing claims progressed, except for those listed in the appendices to the proposal. Top of the list is the CWU claim for consolidation of 5% of the Postal Operatives productivity change allowance. I should stress the company has not conceded any aspect of the claim and the CWU is fully aware of the potential costs involved in reaching a settlement. However, the NEC is determined to bring this claim to a resolution and is of the view that we should explore all options within the timeframe of this agreement.

In the event the proposal is rejected, it will be deemed to have been withdrawn and will have no standing. This would then require referral to the WRC and/or Labour Court.

Please return completed ballot papers in the preaddressed envelope, no later than 12 noon Friday 25th February 2022

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