GSP 12-24 An Post Pay Ballot Result



I am pleased to advise CWU members have accepted the An Post Pay proposal, with 94.5% voting in favour.  The attachment to this circular from the independent Auditors confirms the following result:

Ballots Returned:                             4721

Invalid / Spoiled:                              12

Total number of Valid Votes:   4709

Accept:                                                 4460

Reject:                                                  249

We have received confirmation from AHCPS of their acceptance and Forsa expect to have a result of their ballot tomorrow. The overwhelming acceptance by CWU members points to a strong endorsement of the pay offer but I will await the outcome of these ballots before formally confirming acceptance by the Group of Unions until tomorrow.

At that stage I will confirm acceptance to An Post and request they make early arrangements to apply the first phase increase of 4% from the 1st January 2024 as early as possible in order to deal with the increase going forward and the outstanding backpay.

A 2% pensionable increase will be applied to the pensionable pay scales as per the agreed Pension Accord, from the 1st January 2024. Given acceptance of the pay proposal by CWU members, the Union expects the agreed pensionable increase will also be paid to retired staff which is subject to Ministerial approval.

Finally, I would like to thank our members for their participation in the ballot and overwhelming support of the proposal.

Please bring the content of this circular to the attention of members


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