GSE 06-23 External Recruitment Ads for Field Positions



Recently it was brought to the attention of Union Head Office that a number of field positions in Access and Core have been advertised/recruited externally. This was done without the agreement of the Union.

On being made aware of this development we immediately sought a meeting with management to convey the reaction and representations Head Office had received from our Branches across the country.

It was agreed at that meeting with the company that the external process would be halted immediately.

The business has agreed to review how the situation has come about without proper HR oversight and to share the output with the CWU to ensure that such a serious breach of our agreed procedures does not occur again in future. A review of recruitment procedures will also be undertaken.

It was accepted that this kind of external recruitment is unprecedented. Both the CWU and eir worked hard to develop and agree the Apprentice and Trainee Technician programmes and career progression, for these staff, which is the first priority for CWU and eir.

Further engagement will take place on this issue.

I will revert to you in due course.

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