CWU Conference elects new President of the Union

Postman, Frank Donohoe, from the Dublin Postal Delivery Branch elected CWU President for a 2-year term

The Communications Workers’ Union, representing workers across the postal/courier and eComms sectors, has elected its new President at its 12th Biennial Delegate Conference.

Frank Donohoe, from the CWU’s Dublin Postal Delivery Branch has been elected CWU President for the next two-year period. Frank (57) is a veteran of the postal delivery services provided by An Post with 40 years’ service. Originally from Walkinstown, Frank works out of the An Post Ravensdale Road facility at East Wall, Dublin. Frank is married to Niamh and has two sons, Conor and Sean, and a granddaughter, Molly.

Commenting, CWU President, Frank Donohoe, said:

“It has been a great honour to serve as Vice President of the CWU for the last two years, and now to be elected President for the next two years. We have a challenging mission ahead of us, which is to provide effective representation to workers across the postal/courier and eComms sectors and to defend their rights in the face of a challenging economic and industrial relations climate.

 The ‘Respect Our Work’ campaign, that the CWU, SIPTU, Mandate and the FSU are driving, will be at the heart of what we do. We will support and defend workers organising in the work place and in securing collective bargaining rights with their employers on pay and conditions.  This is even more urgent and challenging in defending the rights of workers working in the private sector for international brands in the postal and eComms sectors. We need these rights to be enshrined in law so that workers and employers can get down to business in dealing with the issues rather that arguing about whether they have rights to talk, or not!”

 Commenting, CWU General Secretary, Seán McDonagh said:

“I want to congratulate Frank Donohoe on his election as President of our Union. The strength of our Union is in our members, and in the leadership and determination that our elected officers provide on behalf of their fellow workers and Frank is a great example of that commitment to the work the union does.  He is a long-time activist and has been at the forefront of dealing with difficult changes in the business but always with the interests of our members at the heart of what he does. I can assure him of the full support of myself and my fellow National Officers.

 I also want to pay a special tribute and thanks to Ivor Reynolds for his commitment and skill during his 2-year Presidential term and in chairing our 12th Biennial Delegate Conference which has been taking place this week in Galway.”