GSP 20-23 An Post Transformation Agreement – Vouchers

You will be aware from GSP Circular No. 17-23 issued on the 28th September 2023, we set out the criteria to be applied, which previously applied for the payment of the COVID voucher.

In advance of the company commencing the distribution of the vouchers, the CWU reviewed the impact of applying the criteria on members, particularly those on sick leave. The Company responded very favourably to our representations, recognising the significant impact and immediately agreed to issue the value of the voucher to staff that had not returned to work.

While I had communicated this progress to our Executive, I held off from issuing a circular until our discussions were complete and the matter fully dealt with.

I attach a copy of correspondence from the company which reflects the outcome of our discussions. It is self-explanatory which in summary confirms, there is no deduction for sick leave and the company will issue another voucher to make up the shortfall.

I know this will be welcomed by all. I also wish to acknowledge the patience and understanding of all of our representatives, who because of an administrative error, had a reduced voucher issued to them. This will also be rectified as part of this process.

The Company expects to issue the vouchers the week commencing 11th December 2023.

However, in the event that any individual case emerges, this can more easily be dealt with expeditiously utilising the appeal procedures.

I trust this meets with your approval and that you would bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all members.

GSP 20-23 Attachment – Vouchers