GSE 05-23 eir Members: Cost-of-Living Survey

The cost-of-living crisis continues to be a key feature of the Irish economic landscape and notwithstanding measures that might be introduced in the budget next week, it has had a profound impact on everyone’s standard of living.

To accurately assess the impact that cost-of-living increases have had on our members we are urging everyone to complete our ‘Cost-of-Living Survey’ which can be accessed via the link below or by visiting the CWU website. If CWU Head Office has the correct contact details, each member should also receive a direct email and/or a text message with the link.

As you will be aware from previous communications, we are in the final phase of our current pay agreement with eir and are preparing for discussions on a new pay deal. The feedback from your survey will be vital in shaping the approach that we take with the company.

We know from representations made by Branches around the country that many members are frustrated by the failure of the company to provide any assistance during the crisis to date. This survey is your opportunity to articulate your concerns.

We have never done such a large and direct engagement with all our members in eir and for it to be effective, we need all Branches to bring this to the attention of all members – to have their say. Potential members are welcome to give their input as long as they complete a CWU application form as well.

The closing date for the survey is close of business, Monday 23rd October.