FSU and CWU Joint Press Statement on Accenture 03 August 2023

Explanation required from Accenture on why they are aggressively and disproportionately targeting its Irish operation for redundancies.

Offensive that Accenture continue to advertise for staff on their website as they propose to axe 890 jobs.

The Financial Services Union (FSU) and the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) have jointly called on Accenture to explain why they are aggressively targeting their Irish operation for redundancies and described it as “disproportionate to what is happening elsewhere “

Accenture announced on Monday its plans to cut 890 jobs from its Irish operation. This announcement follows on from a previous cut of nearly 400 jobs last April. This brings the total number of proposed jobs loses close to 1,300 in Ireland.

Commenting on the announcement John O’Connell, General Secretary of the FSU said:

“Given that they are still recruiting for staff on their website today the Financial Services Union (FSU) and Communications Workers’ Union (CWU)  would like to understand the rationale behind these announcements and the reasons why Accenture have aggressively targeted their Irish operation for redundancies. An explanation is required for the staff who have shown loyalty to Accenture, and worked hard to contribute to the company’s growth and success. Our members raised concerns in relation to the last consultation process that went unanswered and have again contacted their Unions to ask for our help and support through the current consultation process.

We are requesting immediate engagement with the company on this and other issues in relation to the consultation process “

Sean McDonagh, General Secretary of the CWU said:

“This is a worrying and stressful time for anyone working in the Technology Sector. The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney TD and Enterprise Ireland need to be proactive in their approach to ensure that staff are treated fairly through the redundancy process and then have options open to them for employment elsewhere.”

The CWU and the FSU are available to support our members and request that Accenture facilitate this fair and reasonable request on behalf of their staff.

Staff are shocked and distraught at the news this week and to ask them to undertake a consultation process of this size, in these circumstances, is profoundly unfair. It places an overwhelming burden on the shoulders of ordinary workers at a time when they need additional support, not extra pressure.

We understand the process for the election of the employee representatives has been set out and the time frame for the start of the consultation period has been set. To ensure a fair and transparent process Accenture needs to ensure that the employee representatives have professional representation via their trade unions at these consultation meetings.”

Other issues of concern that both Unions have raised with the Company are :

  • Clarity as to the criteria involved in the decision making and who is making these decisions.
  • Where individual roles are identified as redundant is there an appeals process in place.
  • What is Accenture doing to mitigate against compulsory redundancy.
  • What are the terms on offer to those that are in scope for redundancy.
  • What plans are in place to ensure that members have proper suitably experienced representatives in place for such discussions.

“Both Unions insist that the redundancy process is a voluntary led approach. This is the practice in industrial relations in Ireland and we expect that Accenture will conform to what normally occurs in other sectors of the economy.

Both Unions are available to meet at short notice so discussions can commence on the above issues.”