Cancellation of CWU Seminar

You will be aware from GS Circular 06/21 we deferred holding the CWU Seminar, originally planned for April, to take place in Athlone on the 23rd & 24th September 2021. At the time we were hopeful the COVID-19 restrictions would be eased sufficiently to enable the Seminar take place.  The objective being to have full engagement, together with celebrating our members trojan efforts throughout the pandemic. 


Unfortunately, Covid remains a significant threat to employees’ health and safety. Although huge progress has been achieved on the road to living with the disease, there remains a level of uncertainty, risk, and a lack of clarity regarding the latest announcement on the lifting of restrictions.  


However, what is clear is that it is not possible to hold the event in the manner we wish to, with the numbers we intended to have in attendance, while adhering to the safety guidelines. It is also not desirable to proceed with a very much scaled back Seminar as that would not meet our requirements or objectives. When considering the matter, we are aware there remains a significant level of concern amongst members and indeed employers, about the possibility of proceeding in the current climate. 


Having considered all the circumstances that pertain at this time, we have concluded the responsible decision is to cancel the Seminar. I appreciate this will be a disappointment to you but that you will appreciate the necessity to do so. 


The Sheraton Hotel Athlone will now be the venue for the 11th Biennial Conference in May 2022, and we look forward to holding a traditional gathering with the assistance and support of the local Branches.