Professional & Mgrs.

The CWU acknowledges that the importance of the role of ‘Professional & Managers’ is growing and the pandemic is contributing to its even faster growth.  Professional and managerial members have important responsibilities towards both companies and employees. Sometimes their role requires them to represent the employer, but at the same time they are employees with their own interests. This may result in them being at the heart of conflicting interests. To address this the CWU has a dedicated “Professional & Managers” grouping contained within its overall union structure.

John Clarke, National Officer, has responsibility for this grouping. John has a wealth of experience of professional and manager issues from his trade union involvement and his management career in eir, that included roles in operations, project management, and planning & design.

The new structure points to an acceptance that:

  • There are different requirements for our Professional & Manager members
  • There is a need to do things differently for our members
  • There is a need to make the Union relevant for our members
  • Professional & Managers is a growth area for our Union

There are common issues across all our management groupings. They can be summarised as follows:

  • Pay & Conditions
  • Performance Management (process, understanding and transparency)
  • Workloads – delegation
  • Rationalisation/ change and amalgamation of roles

Our experience will deliver advice and support though any work issues our members may have.  We provide members with effective negotiation and representation on matters involving pay, employment, and improving terms & conditions. We also offer advice and guidance to individual members on issues they encounter throughout their professional career.