Message of Solidarity to CWU (UK) Postal Members

To: Dave Ward
General Secretary
Communications Workers’ Union

Dear Dave,

I am writing to express the heartfelt solidarity of the Communications Workers’ Union in Ireland, and of our members across all sectors, with your important industrial action.

We observe with admiration the manner in which your members are conducting their campaign and the strength and solidarity being shown on picket lines up and down the country.

What is at stake is members’ terms and conditions and the preservation of a vital public service in the face of attacks as part of a race to the bottom agenda by the senior management of Royal Mail.

Our Executive Council has noted the stark contrast between this short-sighted approach by Royal Mail management and the CWU leadership, who are determined to secure the future of the business for the benefit of the employees and the communities your members have served with such distinction.

The Royal Mail board must seriously question the motives of its senior management where they claim they are managing a decline of the letter business by declining to manage the company. As is so often the case, it is the trade union movement that steps in during such moments.

Your Union has already shown its ability to find solutions and reach agreements that can end disputes, as demonstrated in case of the deal reached with BT.

The CWU in Ireland stands with you and your members at this important time and calls upon Royal Mail management to honour its obligations and deliver!

Beir Bua!

With warm regards,

Seán McDonagh
General Secretary