Memorial Services – Association of eircom Pensioners

A Memorial Mass for deceased members of eircom staff will take place in Christ the King’s Church, Cloughleigh, Ennis, Co. Clare on Friday 4th November, 2022 at 9.30am

The Cork Mass for former deceased colleagues is on Saturday 5th November, 2022 at 11am in S.M.A Church, Wilton with tea/coffee, sandwiches and a chat afterwards.

The National Memorial Service for deceased eircom members and colleagues will be held in Whitefrier St. Church on Wednesday 9th November, 2022 at 11.30am, with tea and coffee after.

A Memorial Mass will take place on Monday 14th November, 2022 at 6.30pm in Saint Anne’s Church, Cranmore Road, Sligo for deceased members of Telecom Eireann and eircom staff from the Sligo area.