Palestine Solidarity Action: Irish civil society letter re. EU-Israel Association Council

After 10 years, the EU is preparing to resume its Association Council with Israel in early October. If this high-level meeting takes place, it would further normalise authoritarian and oppressive Israeli practices and crimes against the Palestinian people and Palestinian civil society.

Recently, the EU has also signed a new gas deal with Israel and Egypt, that whitewashes Israeli crimes.

On 26 September, Prominent Palestinian and European civil society organisations, including our Union, have sent an urgent letter to European Foreign Ministers and to the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, in which they demand to review the decision to renew the EU-Israel Association Council.

Instead of allowing Israel to entrench its colonial enterprise and apartheid regime in Palestine, the EU and its Member States should fulfil their obligation to end Israel’s culture of impunity and to hold Israel accountable in order to build a just future.

Join our demand to #CancelEUIsraelCouncil

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