Response to Minister from Group of Unions on Pensioners’ Pay

Dear Minister,

I acknowledge receipt of a response to my letter to you, from the private secretary of the Junior Minister’s office.

Although I appreciate the response, the information is of no assistance to the Group of Unions or indeed An Post Pensioners, as we are well aware of the process. Essentially, the Department has requested NewEra’s views of a question which we all know the answer to regarding the granting of authority to An Post, to make the payment of an agreed 2% increase to An Post Pensioners effective from the 1st January 2022.

The concern and complete lack of understanding is the inexcusable delay to progress the matter in a timely manner, which was submitted to the Department on the 4th May 2022. Furthermore, the communication fails to advise of a payment date or respond to my request for a meeting with you.

In the event the Unions legitimate, and reasonable requests continue to be ignored, I will update the National Executive Council next week, so that they may decide the best course of action to take to ensure the agreement we all, including your Department signed up to, is adhered to.

Therefore, I again respectively request confirmation of a date to authorise the payment. Alternatively, in the event that you are unable to expedite the payment, that you would be available to meet to discuss the reasons for the continued delay and what steps are intended to address the concerns originally outlined in my letter to you on the 23rd June 2022.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be appreciated.


Yours sincerely,

Seán McDonagh

Principal Staff Side Representative

An Post Group of Unions



c.c.  Hildegarde Naughton TD, Minister of State at the Department of Transport

       Chris Smith, Private Secretary to Minister of State, Hildegarde Naughton TD

       David McRedmond, An Post CEO