CWU Statement: Workers’ Memorial Day 2022

Seán McDonagh, General Secretary of the CWU, spoke following the National Commemorative event in the Garden of Remembrance

 “Today, Workers Memorial Day,  we remember all those, killed, injured, suffer ill health or are disabled as a result of a work-related incident. In unison with other Irish Trade Unions, the CWU is supporting the European campaign, for zero deaths at work. Each day European Workers, go to work to make a living and support their families. They and their dependents have a right to expect they will return home safely at the end of their working day. Sadly across Europe each working day, 12 Workers do not return home. This is a frightful and unacceptably high statistic. Although a reduction in workplace deaths last year is welcome, this year to date seven workers have lost their life as a result of a workplace incident. For this  the CWU is highlighting this to create awareness to support the campaign as we remember departed colleagues. Working safely together, the aim of zero deaths by 2030 can be achieved.”

Willie Mooney, President of the CWU, spoke following the National Commemorative event in the garden of Remembrance

 “On this Worker’s Memorial Day, we remember all of those workers who have lost their lives and also thank those who continue to risk their lives to fight for a safer workplace for us all. During the COVID pandemic we have seen thousands of workers who have died from the pandemic and also countless others who have put themselves on the frontline by providing care to those in need. Today we salute those workers. Minister Damien English in his speech today praised the successful development of the Lead Worker Representative and encouraged employers, business managers and workers to proactively encourage and facilitate the Safety Representative Role in workplaces. The CWU fully supports this call and commends its own safety reps and lead worker reps for the role they played and continue to play in fostering a positive safety culture within organisations. Remember Organised workplaces are safer workplaces.”