CWU members at An Post approve new pay deal

New agreement provides for:

o  Cumulative pay increase of 5.06% paid in two tranches
o  4% pay increase be reflected in pensionable pay
o  4% increase in An Post pensions
o  Sharing of savings for transformation changes
o  Potential for further increases in pay for lowest paid postal workers

A ballot of CWU members at An Post has approved a pay deal with the Company that provides for a cumulative pay increase of 5.06% payable in two tranches with a 2.5% increase effective from 1 January 2022 and a further 2.5% increase on 1 January 2023. The new pay deal, which was recommended to members by the National Executive Council of the Union, was approved by 93.4% of returned ballots.

The agreement is for a 24-month period until 31 December 2023. It also provides for a 4% increase in pay for pension purposes and a consequential 4% increase for hard pressed An Post pensioners.

The agreement provides for further improvements in pay and conditions through a sharing of productivity savings for cooperation with the Company’s transformation agenda. The CWU has highlighted that its priority is to address the pay disparity among low paid Postal Operatives and to secure an additional 5% increase into basic pay. The agreement also commits the Company to a complete a review of managers’ pay and grade structures. An Post and the CWU have also agreed to finalise, within three months, a review of pension provisions and to address the widening gap between pensionable and non-pensionable pay.

Commenting, CWU General Secretary, Seán McDonagh, said:

“Postal workers have played a critical role in the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in keeping communities connected and in supporting business and commercial activities throughout prolonged lockdowns and public health restrictions. The pandemic compounded fundamental changes that were already underway in the market, including falling volumes of letters and packets and increases in parcel volumes. Postal workers have supported the Company in its transformation agenda and the market challenges it faces. The CWU will now be pursuing full implementation of this agreement, including its non-pay elements, such as the review of pensions provisions and the sharing of savings achieved under its transformation agenda, and directing these towards improving the pay and conditions of postal workers.”