ICTU NEC: Petition calling for a “Peoples Vaccine”

Yesterday, the Executive Council agreed to support the People’s Vaccine Campaign – essentially calling for a Peoples Vaccine – freely available to everyone, everywhere around the world. (members of the campaign include Amnesty Ireland, Christian Aid, Trocaire and our own INMO).

They point out that restricting vaccine supply to protect profits during a pandemic will cost countless lives. The more the virus is left to circulate, the greater the chance of new variants emerging and our current vaccines becoming ineffective.

The campaign seeks to address this vaccine inequity by calling for the temporary waiving of intellectual property rights to vaccines and by encouraging pharmaceutical companies to share their know-how, so that the manufacture of vaccines can be scaled up to meet demand. And by asking people to call on the Irish government now to take a stand for fairness, equality and global health, by signing a petition – available here – https://peoplesvaccine.ie/#takeAction .