Justice for Colombia – Briefing on Current Events

Since the latest round of National Strike mobilisations began on 28 April 2021, Colombian police and apparent para-state agents have committed extreme abuses. The Colombian government have stigmatised the protestors and defended police actions. There has been a deluge of international condemnation.


  • On 28 April 2021, huge mobilisations took place across Colombia to reject a proposed tax reform that would disproportionately increase living costs for lower and middle classes. Protests also focused on long-running demands in response to growing poverty, corruption, murder of social activists and a failed implementation of the peace agreement.
  • State forces met the protests with extremely high levels of repression, with several people reported killed and many more injured and missing. State violence was particularly intense in Cali, Colombia‚Äôs third-largest city. After five days the Colombian government suspended the tax reform but protests have continued amidst widespread acts of police violence.