General Election 2020: Check the Register

As we head into the snap general election on February 8th 2020, it is crucially important that members exercise their hard-won right to vote. It is understandable that the level of apathy and disengagement from electoral politics has increased after years of brutal austerity inflicted on the working class in Ireland. The sense that “it changes nothing” or “my vote makes no difference” and “they’re all the same” is further entrenched with each government that has placed an enormous burden onto the working class, slashing supports and services, while at the same time giving generous incentives to the wealthy and various corporate interests. However, we cannot remove politics from our lives, it is intersected through every strand and we have to engage with it.

The CWU would urge all members to firstly, check that they are registered to vote in the forthcoming election by using the link below, and secondly, to exercise that right on February 8th.