Workers’ Memorial Day, 28th April 2019


As you will be aware Workers’ Memorial Day takes place every year on the 28th April. This year it will fall on a Sunday. For anyone with an interest in Health and Safety this is an important date nationally and worldwide when we remember people killed or injured at work.

The General Secretary of the CWU, Steve Fitzpatrick, speaking on the 26th April 2019 highlighted the key role played in improving health and safety standards. On the 28th April every year we remember all of those who have been killed, disabled or injured at work. While traditionally workplace health and safety initiatives have placed more emphasis on physical issues we should also remember those who will experience mental health issues during their working life and recognize that with the right help at the right time they will recover. Trade Unions are key to promoting positive mental health in the workplace and we will continue to engage in workplaces to create a culture that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for those with mental health issues. We as Trade Unionists must continue to fight to improve safety and health in the workplace. Last year 37 people lost their life at work with thousands more injured. On this Sunday we rededicate ourselves to the fight for worker safety.

As Sunday isn’t a working day for the majority of our members  we believe that we should highlight the day on Monday 29th April. We are asking Branches to display the attached poster in the workplace and hold a minutes silence, with the permission of management, on Monday morning to remember all of our colleagues who have died or being injured at work. We would ask you to share any pictures and comments using  hashtag #WorkersMemorialDay

Pat Kenny
CWU Health & Safety Officer