DCTU May Day March – Wed 1st May 2019

This day, 129 years ago, the international labour and trade union movement expressed solidarity with American trade unions fighting for the 8 hour working day. This show of solidarity even found an echo in Dublin. Organisations of working people clasped hands across the globe. There was a belief that the organised working class were beginning to play a decisive role in society.

Alas, 129 years later, that belief remains unfulfilled despite the unprecedented growth in wealth. Trade unions in America, and in many advanced industrial countries, are under attack and are being marginalised. Some Irish companies, together with some well-known multinationals, are engaged in such activities.

Despite the hype-up of economic recovery, we still have a severe housing crisis, problems in the health service, climate change action, a society of severe inequality and migrant discrimination. These are urgent questions that require discussion and action by the trade union movement.

We therefore request union members to mobilise and participate in this year’s May Day March and public meeting:

Assembly Point:           Parnell Square
Date:                                   Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Time:                                   6.45pm
March to Liberty Hall for a public meeting, followed by a social evening


Betty T. Collard, President
Finn Geaney, Vice-President
Sam Nolan, Correspondence Secretary
Dublin Council of Trade Unions