Equality & Diversity

CWU Equality Statement

Equal rights are of vital importance to the CWU. Our mission is to work towards greater equality for all our members in their places of employment, through providing information and assistance on equality related matters and through creating awareness for our members on their rights and responsibilities under current legislation.

The CWU respects and values the diversity of our employees, our members and all those that we do business with.

We are fully committed to valuing diversity and strive to promote equality of opportunity throughout the Union.

The CWU has an Equality Committee that is elected once every two years. The Committee is trained on equality related matters and meets regularly to discuss our equality agenda for our members.

Our Commitment to Equality

The CWU undertakes:

  • To adopt best practice in equality both as an employer and as a trade union representing our members
  • To ensure equality for members in accessing and availing of CWU services
  • To promote equality issues
  • To comply fully with our responsibilities under equality legislation
  • To support and represent members who are the victims of discrimination

Supporting our Responsibilities

To support our responsibilities the CWU has adopted the following strategic plan:

  • Agree and resource an Equality Committee
  • Appoint an Equality Officer
  • Develop and communicate our own policy on equality of opportunity
  • Integrate equality into our training modules
  • Conduct surveys/studies within the Union in order to ensure that we are fully representative of our member’s needs
  • Maintain networks with other unions, enterprises and public bodies to ensure best practice on equality of opportunity in the CWU
  • Evaluate, monitor and review our equality policies and practices on a regular basis

Equality Mainstreaming

Together with two other trade unions (IBOA and Mandate), the CWU participated in an Equality Mainstreaming Project which has resulted in the development of a Toolkit for Trade Unions. This project was supported by the Equality Mainstreaming Unit which is jointly funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013. The Equality Toolkit consists of:

  • Training Manual on Equality
  • Model Equality Policy for Trade Unions
  • Equality Handbook for Representatives
  • Brief equality presentations for inclusion on representative training courses
  • Pre-course and post-course questionnaires