CWU Charities

CWU Ireland Humanitarian Aid Fund

Since the establishment of the fund in 2008 members have raised over €70,116.83 through sponsorship from Medisan, Halligan Insurances, Irish Life, Baby Elegance, KNN, An Post, Eircom and many other outside companies.

The convoy was a great success, but without your financial support this would not have been achievable. The acknowledgement received from the Bulgarian Ambassador paid tribute to everyone that funded and volunteered their services, no matter how small the help given, it was much appreciated in assisting the convoy achieve its objectives. The need for humanitarian aid is so widespread in Europe, both in Bulgaria and Romania, it is hoped that through the UK Humanitarian Charity further commitments may be made to try to alleviate poverty within their communities. Words cannot express their gratitude, by visiting these projects one can see the good work achieved for people less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you so much for your continued support.

CWU Charitable Fund

Following a discussion with the General Secretary and the Finance Committee it was proposed that the National Executive Council would consider setting up a CWU Charitable Fund. This fund shall be open to all members of the Union. Each member will have the facility to donate a regular sum of money directly into the CWU Charitable Fund. For those members currently paying into their various charities, their contributions will be allocated to their sponsored charities. Going forward all new members can pay a variable contribution of their choice from €0.50 up to €10.00 and allocation of the contributions collected will be apportioned on a percentage basis annually to the various charities covering the following (at present the ratio is 75% to the African and Irish Projects and 25% to other projects):

  • Intellectual Disability Housing Fund
  • The Hospice Foundation
  • CWU Development Fund covering the African Projects and all other foreign projects

The CWU Development Fund was renamed the CWU Charitable Fund and a new application form was circulated to all Branches with a GS Circular by the General Secretary explaining the revised procedure. The Financial Officer will distribute the funds to the various charities already supported by the CWU with the balance being transferred to the CWU Development Fund (renamed the CWU Charitable Fund).

The allocation of funds shall be subject to debate by the NEC Finance Sub-Committee and the final approval by the National Executive Council. Since its inception in 2002 the Fundraising Appeal has raised over €1.4 million and it is heartening to know that the CWU members have supported over 41 projects in this time.

The Hospice Foundation

The CWU Hospice fund is aimed at providing hospice services on the ground where members can see them in action around the country.

Since 2003, CWU has contributed over €45,000 to the Irish Hospice Foundation.

The Hospice friendly Hospitals Programme
Change is Beginning to Happen

The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme aims to put hospice principles into hospital practice and promotes hospice values in acute and community hospitals. So far more than 40 hospitals have undertaken, with HfH help, to enhance how they deal with death, dying and bereavement. They want to ensure that all dying people, regardless of diagnosis (not just cancer patients but all end stage illnesses), have a caring, careful death.

Most importantly they want families to be cared for from the hospital gate to the mortuary, and beyond. They want death to be seen as a part of living, to be faced head on. They realise that in our intent to cure, we forget that about 30,000 people die each year, 60 per cent of them in hospital.

It was initiated by the Irish Hospice Foundation, in partnership with the HSE. The programme aims to change a culture, to ensure that our final days are pain free, that we are offered choices. It has the support of the Health Services National Partnership Forum, Atlantic Philanthropies, and the Dormant Accounts Fund.

The entire programme will cost €10 million over five years. The Irish Hospice Foundation is dependent on voluntary funding to meet this commitment, therefore the support of CWU is very much appreciated and we urge all members to continue to support us over the coming years.


Suas Educational Development

Suas Educational Development was founded in Dublin in 2002.

Our vision is a world where all young people have the chance to reach their full potential.

We see education as key to social transformation and the first, and most important, step in changing lives.

Suas provides extra educational support to disadvantaged children in Ireland, India, Kenya and Zambia. Overseas we help local partners who run schools for children in very poor communities. In Ireland we work with partner schools in disadvantaged areas to give extra support to children who are struggling with reading and writing.

Suas believes in the transformational power of volunteering and mentoring opportunities - and these are integrated into all aspects of our work.

We have mobilised thousands of volunteers to support more than 13,000 children since 2002.

For more information please visit our website