Retired Members

Welcome to the page for retired CWU members, details regarding this new Section are as follows:

1. The membership fee for retired members shall be €1.00 per week or €50.00 per annum;

2. All retired members shall receive a copy of the Connect magazine posted directly to their home address;

3. Each new retired member may benefit from a doubling of the Mortality Grant;

4. The NEC, through the Finance Sub-Committee, shall set aside monies to provide financial assistance for retired members in distress;

5. Retired members shall have access to all services negotiated for the general membership with individual service providers;

6. In particular, it is worth pointing out that the existing insurance cover, which we take out for all members of the Union, will be extended to retired members until the age of 80. We have also managed to secure an extension of our private Medical Health Scheme with Aviva Insurance to retired members. Details of both these insurance schemes are available on the website and members should directly contact FM Downes & Co. on 01-8556666 ( and Halligan Insurances on 01-8797100 ( if they wish to avail of their other range of services. Again those services are outlined on the website;

7. When we have concluded our exercise in giving all of our retired members the opportunity to join these new Sections and when we have allocated those members to the relevant Sections, the NEC will devise a methodology for allowing representation of those Sections at Biennial Conference.

Given that this is a new departure for the Union, the above list is obviously not exhaustive and it is the intention of the NEC to agree a process that will allow the Union to assist our Retired Members Sections to develop policy and to become a voice for those members.

If you would like to join the Retired Members' Section of the CWU please print and return the form below to:

Communications Workers' Union
William Norton House
575-577 North Circular Road
Dublin 1


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