Broadband Taskforce Submission

As the trade union representing a significant number of workers in the telecoms market across a range of companies, the CWU welcomes this opportunity to respond to the report from the Next Generation Broadband Taskforce (hereinafter referred to as the “NGBT”). The CWU welcomes this report as a useful ‘next step’ to developing a national high-speed broadband network. The CWU considers the report to be a constructive and positive addition to the debate, bringing together as it does the views of the main stakeholders in the telecoms industry and clearly setting out their considered recommendations on how to develop Next Generation Broadband in Ireland, with a view to meeting the targets set out in the EU’s Digital Agenda. The Union notes the introduction by the Minister for Communications, Energy and National Resources, Mr Pat Rabitte TD, whereby he clearly states that the report is firmly focused on the challenge represented by how best to proceed with the rollout by the commercial operators of high-speed broadband infrastructure and technologies which are required throughout Ireland. The CWU notes that the report is silent on how, when and where the government might intervene to address possible market failures and we look forward to hearing more on this issue in the subsequent National Broadband Plan that will follow the consultation on this report.


Postal Regulatory Framework Submission

As the trade union representing a significant number of workers in the postal & courier markets, the CWU welcomes this opportunity to respond to the Postal Regulatory Framework Document (hereinafter referred to as the “Framework Document”) issued by the Commission for Communications Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “ComReg” or the “Regulator”). The CWU notes that this is the first in a series of consultations about the measures that are necessary to implement ComReg’s obligations under the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (hereinafter referred to as the “2011 Act”) and the Union looks forward to subsequent consultations, which will provide all stakeholders with a better opportunity to go into greater detail on some of the issues raised in the Framework Document. It is the view of the Union that a number of issues raised in the Framework Document merit further consultation such is their importance and potential implications for the ongoing development of the postal market. The Union further notes that ComReg intends to publish a draft of its Postal Strategy Statement for the period to June 2014 and this may offer a further opportunity for consultation on the Regulator’s plans for the future in relation to postal issues. In considering the issues raised in the Framework Document it is vitally important to start with the functions and statutory objectives of ComReg, as these should form the basis for all further discussions in relation to the proposals contained in the Framework Document.