The CWU represents a variety of managers at difference levels across a range of companies and is keenly aware that the concerns, issues, and service requirements of our manager members are often quite different to the requirements of our other members. 

For this reason we have developed a suite of services that are tailored to our manager members. Based on our experience of representing managers the CWU is uniquely positioned to guide and advise managers on a range of issues that ‘come with the job’. Needless to say this is done on a private and confidential basis and members should feel free to contact Head Office if they have any queries. To give you a sense of the kind of work we do in this area see the list below:

Package of Services for Manager Members 

  • Bullying & Harassment
    • What managers should do on receipt of a bullying report
    • What to do if accused of bullying
    • How to manage it if it occurs among staff
    • Manager as a victim of bullying
  • Health & Safety
    • Role of Managers in Health and Safety context
    • Expectations and responsibilities
    • Legal exposure – what does that mean?
  • Disciplinary Procedures
    • Role of 1st Line Manager in these procedures
    • How should it be dealt with and managed
    • How to protect yourself and fulfil your responsibility
  • Performance Management
    • How Managers operate within it
    • Risks for Managers
    • Responsibilities for Managers

A Seminar for Managers’ Branch Committee Representatives took place on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October 2012 in Union Headquarters.

The Union was proud to host a Seminar for our managerial representatives in Head Office in October 2012, which was attended by 61 delegates from the CWU Managers’ Branches and representatives from Unite, AHCPS and PSEU. The Seminar focused on a number of key areas such as:

  • Work/Life Management
  • Performance Management
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Health & Safety
  • Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures

There were three guest speakers at the Seminar: Pav Akhtar, UNI Global Professional & Managers Director; Leslie Manasseh, Deputy General Secretary Prospect Trade Union; and Brian Scott, Unite Trade Union. Presentations were also made by Seán McDonagh, John Clarke, eircom Central Region Managers’ Branch & NEC member, CWU National Officer, Carol Scheffer, CWU Equality Officer, and Pat Kenny, An Post Staff-Side Secretary.

Pav Akhtar, UNI Global Union

Pav gave a presentation highlighting the importance of Professional & Managers’ input on innovative work practices that will be essential for companies facing tough challenges as a result of globalisation and the economic downturn. The presentation also addressed the nature of the work of P&Ms; noting that they generally work longer hours and as a result often have a sub-standard work/life balance, a pressing issue that needs to be addressed through proper work/life management policies. This year’s theme for the Work/Life Management campaign was Depression: A Global Crisis (for more information please click here).

Leslie Manasseh, Prospect Trade Union

Leslie gave a presentation on Performance Management; this is a tool which can oftentimes be used as a disciplinary mechanism, instead of what it is intended for; assisting workers to improve aspects of their job performance. One of the main risks highlighted in this presentation is the use of Performance Management for ‘managed exits’ from a company. Pay-related Performance Management programmes are generally driven by budget concerns rather than performance, which is a key issue for the trade union movement.

Brian Scott, Unite Trade Union

Brian gave a presentation on the pay situation for UK Postal Managers, health & safety issues and the current challenges facing the UK postal market. The presentation discussed pay scales for UK Postal Managers and the issue of broadbanding. With regard to health & safety, there are significant challenges for trade union members in this area with an employer drive towards improved H&S in the UK and the investment/benefit analysis tool was discussed. The presentation closed with a discussion on the current challenges facing the UK postal market, with a particular focus on redundancies, reorganisation and ‘chasing the saving’.

CWU Speakers

Seán McDonagh gave a presentation on the role of An Post Managers and John Clarke gave a presentation on the role of eircom Managers. Carol Scheffer gave a presentation on Bullying & Harassment tailored to Managers. Pay Kenny gave presentations on Health & Safety and Grievance &Disciplinary Procedures tailored to Managers.