Call Centre

Call centres and contact centres are a large and growing source of employment in Ireland. These centres support a broad range of customers in all industry sectors and offer a wide range of services from the straightforward to the complex.

These services can be as diverse as assistance with use of products, credit card activation, sales and medical information. They are a major source of employment and job creation, but also raise their own particular issues for workers.

While work arrangements and organisation in the majority of call centres are similar, working conditions can differ enormously. Some centres provide good conditions for their staff while some have room for improvement. Some of the difficulties that call centre employees have reported include: Unrealistic targets; health and safety issues; excessive performance management; stress; inadequate training; contract issues; and a general lack of control in their work.

Numerous studies, both national and international, have shown that unionised call centre workers enjoy better wages and conditions, more control over their work and greater job satisfaction in general.

As a Union with vast experience in the telecoms and call centre industries, the CWU is familiar with the challenges facing workers and has a proven track record in representing members’ interests. In recognition of the unique challenges facing this group of workers and given that it is fastest growing section of the CWU we have a dedicated website which can be accessed here