Right2Change Conference, 4th November 2017

02 Oct 2017

The Right2Change unions have decided to convene a conference in the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on Saturday, 4th November 2017 from 10am to 4pm.

As you will be aware, Ireland is experiencing the worst housing and homelessness crisis in its history. Healthcare waiting lists are at an all-time high, we have some of the highest incidences of low pay and insecure work in the world, our school class sizes are among the largest in the EU, and our political system is rife with corruption and scandals. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The CWU Biennial Conference has, on two separate occasions, passed motions in relation to the Right2Change movement. In the first instance, supporting the battle against water charges and secondly, urging us to continue our support for both Right2Water and Right2Change. It is fair to say that those decisions have not been universally popular, but were both passed by large majorities at Conference. However, it is the view of the unions concerned that the building of a political platform, which will develop, inform, and educate around the policy options open to the Irish people on all of the key issues cannot be done on a part-time, piecemeal basis. If we are to continue to develop well thought-out, funded social solutions to the problems we face today, we can only do so with a broader involvement through trade unions, community groups and political activists. We should also be mindful of the vast array of political affiliations that individual members carry and we must recognise that no change will be possible unless we can pull all of those strands together behind the type of policies that will help build a better future for our children. In order to try and achieve this, a major section of the conference will deal with a possible, more structured, long-term future for the Right2Change political platform.

It is intended to divide the day into four distinct sections as follows:

  • The homelessness and housing crisis;
  • The development of a new online media outlet;
  • Political education and awareness;
  • The future of Right2Change.

There will be guest speakers and experts in attendance, which will set the context for the conference discussions and a more detailed agenda will be issued prior to the meeting.

I would therefore urge all activists who have supported the Union and its work with Right2Water and Right2Change to take a day out of their busy lives and attend what I believe will be an interesting and informative event. I would also challenge those who opposed the Union’s involvement in these organisations to attend the event, in order to establish for themselves whether or not the organisations present a viable alternative.

In order to manage the numbers attending the event and to pay for the guest speakers etc, it has been agreed that an entry fee of €5.00 per person will be charged. You can book your tickets for the conference via the Right2Change website: www.right2change.ie

The question we must ask ourselves is: Do we really believe another Ireland is possible? If so, can it be achieved by widespread cooperation and careful planning.

To date our Union has played a central role in trying to move that debate on in Irish society, but to take the next step we need individuals to step up to the plate and help us in our work. The first step in that direction would be your attendance at this conference.