eir Circulars

GSE 01-18 eir

11 Apr 2018 You will all now be aware that the sale of the controlling stake in eir has concluded this week and the company’s main shareholder now is Xavier Niel of NJJ... More

GSE 01-17 Acquisition of eir

21 Dec 2017 You will be aware from media reports and from the announcement from the eir CEO, Richard Moat, that a majority stake in the company has been bought by the French multinational NJJ group and businessman, Xavier Niel... More

GSE 01-16 Personal Protective Equipment

14 Mar 2016 The National Executive Council recently discussed a number of concerns raise by Branches in relation to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)... More

GSE 01-15 FM Downes & Co. - Health Insurance Plans

17 Nov 2015 I am writing to remind you that the CWU Health Insurance Scheme renews at the end of the year.... More

GSE 08-14 Bonus Scheme for eircom Graded Staff

04 Sep 2014 The NEC today agreed to set up a Sub Committee to deal with the Company on the introduction and operation of the bonus scheme for eircom graded members.... More

GSE 07-14 Joint Conciliation Council Agreed Report No 617 - Reorganisation of eircom Group Limited

19 Aug 2014 Please find enclosed a copy of the Collective Agreement which covers all CWU members employed in the eircom Group.... More

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