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Global Union Alliance launched at IBM

Unions in IBM that are affiliates of the International Metalworkers' Federation, the European Metalworkers' Federation and UNI Global union have agreed that the three union federations sign an agreement creating a Global Union Alliance in IBM.... More

Public Action at the Irish Restaurant Awards, Wed 25th May

Public demonstration at the Annual Irish Restaurant Awards hosted by the Restaurant Association (RAI) calling on the Association to stop its attack on workers minimum wages and conditions.... More

The Competitiveness Pact and the European Attack on Wages

Presentation given by Ronald Janssen of ETUC in Dublin, May 2011... More

ICTU Demands on Indebtedness

The ICTU has been calling for some time for greater legal protection for ordinary working families, in particular from threats of repossession and excessive debt collection tactics. It is essential that working people are provided with realistic ways to deal with their over indebtedness.... More

Support Fair Hotels Initiative

I wish to direct your attention to the Fair Hotels initiative which SIPTU, in conjunction with Congress, has been successfully promoting for over a year.... More

Labour Video of the Year Competition

The second annual Labour Video of the Year Competition, organised by LabourStart. VOTE HERE... More

Lunch Time Talk: The EU Competitiveness Pact and the Attack on Wages, 4th May 2011

As you may be aware tomorrow will see the third and final in the series of lunchtime talks that we have organised as part of the inaugural May Day Festival.... More

Inter-Cultural Summer Camp, 4th-9th July 2011

Summer Camp organised by Show Racism the Red Card... More

UCD Part-Time Course Open Evening, 10th May 2011

Part-time Business Diploma and Degree Programmes... More

May Day 2011 May Day - Public Demonstration, Sunday 1st May 2011

May Day - Public Demonstration Resist Austerity, There is a Better, Fairer Way!... More

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