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Somalia: The Forgotten Famine, Benefit Concert, Thursday 13th October

Benefit concert in aid of the Somalia famine, proceeds going to Concern.... More

UNI: Postal industry sees innovation as machines that cut out jobs!

This week at the Post Expo held in Stuttgart, Germany, one of the world's biggest postal & logistics expos, there were awards given for new technology and innovation.... More

DHL: March over exploitation at Exel-operated distribution centre

Thousands are backing a march in a US town today to demand living-wage jobs for locals and to back overseas students who alleged exploitation at a US distribution plant, operated by a DHL company.... More

"Somalia - The Forgotten Famine" Benefit Concert, Thursday 13th Oct

Concert in aid of the famine in Somalia with proceeds going to Concern... More

Thank you letter from Mr Hiroshi Usuki, Japan Postal Group Union

Letter from the President of JPGU, Japan, expressing thanks to the CWU for its donation... More

Online Workplace Stress Survey

Congress has determined that work-related stress is a serious issue facing workers and in an effort to find out more about the factors involved they have launched an online Workplace Stress Survey... More

Letter from Postkom, Norwegian Postal Workers Union

Response to CWU letter of sympathy.... More

URGENT ACTION: Two more FENSUAGRO activists arrested in Colombia

Justice for Colombia campaign against the arrest and detention of six trade unionists and the threats against their colleagues in Sucre, Colombia.... More

CWU Letter of Sympathy to Norkom General Secretary

CWU Letter of Sympathy to Norkom General Secretary... More

Eircom’s Next Generation Broadband (NGN) investment will be a vital driver of economic recovery

In welcoming today’s (Thursday) announcement by eircom of its immediate plans to invest €100 million in rolling out Next Generation Broadband services to 100,000 customers, CWU General Secretary, Steve Fitzpatrick, said;... More

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