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TUS Network Manager Position

TUS is seeking to recruit a Network Manager to assist us on delivering our training programme for 2016... More

Industrial action at 999 call service to go ahead this Thursday

Members of the Communications Workers' Union in the 999 call service will take industrial action this Thursday, 25th February in pursuit of their claims against emergency call service operators British Telecom/Conduit... More

SIPTU Meath District Council supports striking 999 emergency call workers

The executive of the SIPTU Meath District Council has voted to support a 12-hour strike by workers in the 999 emergency call centre in Navan, County Meath, on Thursday 25th February... More

999 workers to strike on the day before general election

CWU members in the 999 emergency call answering service will be conducting a 12-hour strike on the day before the general election... More

ICTU Blog: Is there any room for workers in the fiscal space?

General Secretary Patricia King looks at issues of concern for workers ahead of General Election 2016... More

999 workers vote in favour of strike action

Members of the Communications Workers' Union working in the 999 call service have voted strongly in favour of industrial action up to and including an all-out strike... More

Right2Change Events

The Right2Change movement, to which the CWU is affiliated, will host two events in the run-up to the upcoming General Election. ... More

ICTU: Huge support for 'fair conditions at work' among political parties of left & centre

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions today (February 4) revealed it had found overwhelming support for its Charter for Fair Conditions at Work among political parties... More

'999' workers ballot for Industrial Action

Union rejects oppressive disciplinary procedures and management at BT/Conduit call service... More

BT/Conduit creates bathroom emergency in 999 service

Bosses in Conduit/BT have introduced a new ‘Toilet Break Policy’ which seeks to police and micro-manage how and when 999 operators go to the bathroom... More

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