An Post Circulars

GSP No. 11-18 Pay Increase

19 Jun 2018 You will be aware the Monitoring Group issued a determination confirming the necessary savings have been achieved to enable payment of Phase 3 pay increase to CWU members. ... More

GSP 04-18 Easter Arrangements 2018

26 Mar 2018 I attach a copy of the Easter arrangements for Mails and Parcels for 2018... More

GSP 03-18 2% Pay Retrospection

21 Mar 2018 You will be aware An Post had previously indicated to the Union that the retrospective payments arising from the recent 2% pay award would be made on 23rd March 2018... More

GSP 02-18 Pay in An Post

02 Feb 2018 The Labour Court Recommendation LCR 21563, issued on the 5th September 2017 set out the parameters to apply in respect of the outstanding 3.5% to finalise the CWU claim for a 6% increase in pay... More

GSP 1-18 Parcels and Packets - An Post

30 Jan 2018 I wish to update you regarding the Parcels and Packets business of An Post and impending changes in the coming months. ... More

GSP 15-17 Implementation of LCR 21563

14 Nov 2017 I attach copy of a Determination issued by the Monitoring Group in respect of LCR 21563 and specifically the implementation of the agreed FTE reductions in Collection & Delivery... More

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