January Congress Friday Briefing

03 Jan 2018

For a very long time executive pay was a carefully preserved secret in Irish business.  Elaborate excuses were frequently found to keep quiet about the value that company directors chose to put on their services and on the perks to which they deemed themselves entitled.  Since the turn of the Millennium, however, all the Irish listed companies have been obliged to list, in some detail, their salaries and bonuses.

In the Spring of 2017, Congress completed its first study – ‘Because We’re Worth It’  - on CEO pay in twenty-one companies listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

In January, 2018, the second Congress research paper on this subject will be published. This time we have listed the salaries/bonuses etc. of twenty-seven companies, including seven Irish companies who are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  We also offer comparisons on the pay of CEOs and how long it would take an average worker in Ireland to earn their salaries.

Peter Rigney, Industrial Officer and co-author of the report will outline the Congress findings at this Briefing and we are delighted to welcome Martin Fitzpatrick, Financial Journalist as the guest speaker.  Martin has reported on the issue of CEO pay for many years.

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