CWU members in 999 service secure a recommendation for 13.6% pay rise

08 Jun 2018

The CWU can report that we have received a recommendation from the Labour Court in relation to the case we lodged in 2016 on behalf of Emergency Call Answering Service Workers (ECAS).

The main findings are as follows:


The rate of pay for ECAS Operators should be adjusted to €11.50 with effect from the date of the recommendation. It should be further adjusted to €12.00 per hour with effect from 1st January 2019 and to €12.50 with effect from 1st June 2019.

In effect this represents a 13.6% increase over 12 months.

Night Shift:

The rate of night shift premium should be 15% for every hour worked between 12.00 midnight and 8.00am. This to take effect from the date of the recommendation. The Court makes no recommendation with regard to the weekend rate arrangements.

Lead Operators:

The Court does not recommend a change to the Lead Operator allowance. The Court recommends that the current allowance should apply to the revised rate of pay in accordance with the above.


The Court makes no recommendation with regard to pension.

At the start of the campaign the rate of pay was only €10.00 per hour. A 10% pay increase and the introduction of an on-call allowance was secured when industrial action was taken by the members in Navan. Now the Labour Court has found that these ECAS workers are comparable with their public sector colleagues and are not simply call centre workers (as argued by Conduit). They are ‘in real terms, delivering an element of the state’s emergency services to the public.’

This is a very significant win for CWU members in ECAS. This victory was only made possible because the members were prepared to stand up for themselves, organised and joined a union and ultimately took industrial action in pursuit of a fair and reasonable outcome.