Global Solidarity

The CWU has been involved in the ICTU Global Solidarity programme since 2009. The aim of the programme is to equip the trade union movement with the knowledge and skills:

  • To raise awareness of the global solidarity issues amongst our members by creating our own trade union development education in Ireland
  • To strengthen our international trade union solidarity work on the island of Ireland, to promote development worldwide and generate an understanding of our global interdependence
  • To play a key role in raising public awareness of the causes of exploitation, world poverty, and climate change, as well as the need for progressive solutions

The Global Solidarity Committee is involved in a number of internationally focused campaigns:

Justice for Colombia

Justice for Colombia (JFC) is a British NGO that campaigns for human rights, workers' rights, and the search for peace with social justice in Colombia.

Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The IPSC was set up in late 2001 by a group of established Irish human rights and community activists, academics, and journalists who were deeply concerned with the current situation in the Occupied Territories. In partnership with Palestinians now living in Ireland the IPSC was formed to provide a voice for Palestine in Ireland.